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Colossal Cabbage

The Bonnie Plants 3rd Grade Cabbage Program is a success yet again for two of our students! The now 4th graders received the cabbage plants at the end of their 3rd grade year, took them home, and cared for them over the summer. As a result, Shirley Y. grew a 14.2 pound cabbage, and Grayson Y. grew a monster 44 pound cabbage plant! Ms. Tropf plans to submit both to the Bonnie Plants contest. We are unable to picture Shirley, but here is what she told her teacher, Ms. Tropf about the growing experience, ” When I brought home my cabbage plant I set it in our basement entryway because it has a lot of windows. I would water it occasionally. Sometimes it looked kind of sad. I thought it would die but it didn’t. I kept it growing till my Grandpa planted it in our garden. He gave it fertilizer a couple of times and I watched it grow slow at first and then all of a sudden it really grew to a whopping 14.2 pounds.” Pictured is Grayson and here are his words, “When my cabbage was little, we kept it in the house. I loved watering it. I named it. its name was delicious. It grew fast. When it got too big for inside the house, we took it over to my aunt’s house because we don’t have a garden. When we planted it there, it was a healthy plant. However, there were bugs who ate some of it but there was not a lot of bugs. Sooner than I thought, it was almost too big for the garden. When it was done growing, we pulled it out of the ground carefully. Then we took a picture of it. I could barely hold it! Thank you for letting us have a cabbage. It was one of my favorite things to do in third grade. That was my fun experience of watching it grow.​” Way to go Shirley and Grayson! 


Grayson Y. with his 44 pound cabbage.

A 14 pound cabbage grown by Shirley Y.