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July 16-20: Marching Band Rehearsal, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. | July 21: Alumni Soccer Game @ CHS, 10:00 a.m. | July 21: Joe Peters Memorial Pig Roast, 12:00-8:00 p.m. @ Mespo Expo

Student Registration

Welcome to Cardinal Local Schools!

We are pleased that you have selected Cardinal Schools to be the primary source of education for your child; our faculty and staff are highly qualified and experienced in the field of education.  There are many exciting and innovative plans in place for the District including: enhanced classroom technology, website upgrades, and  improved class offerings just to name a few.  These are improvements that will only continue to set Cardinal and its students apart in the years to come. We look forward to being an integral part of your child’s educational career.  What’s inside? Huskie Pride!

Student Registration

Please note, in order to attend Cardinal Local Schools, a student must reside in the District.  To enroll your child in Cardinal Schools, please print and complete all of the forms in the Enrollment Packet. Once forms are complete and you have all of the required documents listed in the checklist, please call the central registrar at (440) 632-0261 ext. 5010  for an appointment to complete the registration process.  No child can be enrolled in the Cardinal Local School District without this completed documentation.  Enrollment packets can also be picked up in building offices or at the Board of Education.

Open Enrollment

The Open Enrollment period for the 2018-19 school year begins Tuesday, May 1. Open enrollment is for students who live outside of the Cardinal Local School District and do not currently attend one of our schools. Applications will be available in the Board Office located at 15982 East High Street, beginning at 8:00 a.m. The Open Enrollment period remains open until Wednesday, August 1, 2018. As a reminder, enrollment is done on a first come, first served basis and is dependent upon class size. If you have additional questions, please contact the Board Office at 440-632-0261.

**Special notice for students entering high school: If a student transfers (changes) high schools at any time after establishing eligibility as a ninth grader (either by attending a school for five days or playing in a fall sport prior to the beginning of school), the student in INELIGIBLE at the new high school for the first 50% of the maximum allowable regular season contests in those sports which the student participated in during the 12 months immediately preceding the transfer.  NOTE: A student is considered to have participated in a sport if he or she has entered, if only for one play, a scrimmage or contest at any level of competition (e.g. freshman, junior varsity, and varsity.)  For additional information, contact Athletic Director Jimmy Soltis at jimmy.soltis@cardinalschools.org**

Registration Forms:

Enrollment Checklist                                Immunization Summary 2018

Enrollment Form                                      Emergency Medical Form (2018-2019)

Student Records Request                        Medication Administration Form

Residency/Custodial Declaration          Epi-pen Administration Form

Residency Verification Form                  Inhaler Form

Bus Registration                                        Language Usage Survey

Cardinal Schools Health History            Parent Portal Agreement Form