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Nov. 30: Classes Resume - CHS will be virtual, JES & CMS will return to in-building instruction | Dec. 1: Deadline to sign up for Second Semester Remote Learning | Dec. 2: Early Release Day

Fall Play – Game of Tiaras

Passes can be purchased at the following links or in the Broadway on Demand App!
Passes are $10 for a Single Viewer or $15 for a Household Viewing Pass. Household passes can only be used once and only on one device at a time!
To help us avoid credit card processing fees passed on to us from Broadway on Demand, please check out with the Paypal option on their website!
Passes can only be purchased for individual nights – and are only valid for the night purchased. If you need to change your pass options at any time please reach out to Broadway on Demand directly by phone at (332) 255-4180 or by email at info@broadwayondemand.com
Once your pass is purchased you will be sent a link from Broadway on Demand on how to access the stream the night of the production!
The production has a PG rating.
To view an instructional document on how to purchase your pass please visit this link: https://docs.google.com/…/17oC6GqKdLHwxK58Sz0ak…/edit…
Passes for each night may be purchased here: