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July 24: Alumni Soccer Game, 10:00 a.m. | July 24: Peters Pig Roast, 3:00 p.m. | Aug. 11: K Orientation | Aug. 17: CMS Locker Setup, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. | Aug. 18: First Day of School (Grades 1-12)

Student Voices

Our students are finding inspiring ways to show their Huskie PRIDE at home and in their neighborhoods and communities during the closure

Here is what 5th graders are doing:

Being nice to people. Getting my assignments done on time. I am determined to do all of my work on time. Helping my mom clean out our house. Getting my schoolwork done right away. Helping take care of my puppy. Praying for people to get better and stay healthy. Using manners and doing chores. Help around the house. Try to stay happy. Helping my Mom clean the house. Getting my work done on time. Doing my schoolwork and submitting on time. Helping my parents who are trying to work from home. Emailing my teachers. Continuing to practice sports. Determined to stay healthy, wash my hands, and help protect my family. Email my friends when I miss them, remember we will hangout again soon. Helping my Dad make masks to cover up when we go shopping.

Here is what 6th graders are doing:

Getting up at a normal time. Doing my schoolwork. Trying to be productive. Staying on schedule. Completing my schoolwork. Helping my mom with my little sisters schoolwork. Working on my schoolwork. Being involved and respectful. Being respectful. When I finish my work and my siblings haven’t, I stay quiet for them. Doing my work. We are doing this thing where when you are responsible you get a “Mommy Buck” which you can spend at brain break for snacks. Helping my little brother and sister with their homework and getting ready for kindergarten. Getting all of my work done. Being respectful to my parents. I am gonna do all my chores and all my homework. Doing the “mommy bucks” stuff! I’m finishing all my work and try my best. Doing schoolwork. Anything I can. Doing my schoolwork. Playing with my brothers. Listening to my parents. Cleaning and making dinner. Trying to help around the house. Being respectful to all the teachers. Wearing my Huskies shirt and sweatshirt. I plan on helping everyone that needs help in the hallway or in the classroom.

Here is what 7th graders are doing:

Respecting others. Trying to get all of the work done that my teachers assign. I have more time for family like family walks or family games. Helping my parents. Finishing all my schoolwork and helping others! Not bugging my brother when he is working. Sleeping. Helping out around my house. Working out. Working on my 4-H project. Stay up to date with my work. Being Respectful to my family. Helping my little sister with her blizzard bag. Staying inside and doing my school work. Doing my work. Getting everything I need to done during the closure. Doing my work. Getting my assignments done. Keep a smile. Being respectful to my parents and siblings. Checking every day on Google Classroom to see my assignments. Being involved in all my specials. I don’t know. Helping sister with schoolwork. Making sure to get all my work done on time. Making sure I do my best work. Help mom with stuff. Trying to get all my work done. Doing my work.

Here is what 8th graders are doing: COMING SOON!

Do you remember what your goal was at the beginning of the year? 

For the September 2019 Student Voices Bulletin Board, the question was “What are your goals this year?” Some answers included: Get straight A’s, start on the high school football team, get skinny, read more books, make a friend, get better at writing, not suck at school, weird all the teachers out, control my temper, become a meme, help my mom, pass 5th grade, be Tik Tok famous, no drama, be good at art, perfect attendance, try soccer, always be nice to anyone and everyone, get my family in order, “nothing”, become a better storyteller, be cooler than my friends, learn to serve others better, survive!, bike 30 miles in a day, lose 10-20 pounds, get good grades, try something new, stay with my BFF, get better at science, play baseball, learn to box, get my locker down, get better at volleyball, shoot a monster buck, meet Bob Ross, be myself, keep track of papers, get no detentions, sleep, be a better flute player, not be bullied, be a better friend, burp the alphabet, start the school paper!, collect more Pokemon, have fun and not stress, make more friends.

Even though we’re not in the building, you can still work on those goals. Don’t give up!


What helps you be PRODUCTIVE?

The most popular answers included listening to music, getting enough sleep, being active, and studying with a friend. Other popular answers included Elon Musk and Chicken Nuggets, LOL.