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Health Information

Criteria for Sending Home/Return to School: Please refer to the following guidelines to better understand how district health staff are determining which students need to be sent home and when, and when they can return to school. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as it will be our practice to err on the side of caution.  |  SCHOOL EXCLUSION CRITERIA  |  RETURN TO SCHOOL POLICY

2022 Immunization Summary

District Medication Guidelines

Medical Information/Forms

NEW Vaccination Requirements for 7th & 12th Graders

Grade 7: students will be required to have a recent Tdap and MCV4 (Meningococcal) Vaccine. Proof of receiving these vaccines is required to be on file in the school office prior to the first day of school. Proof of vaccine can be in the form of a recent immunization record or a note from the Doctor / Heath department that the vaccine was given.

Grade 12: New requirement starting the 2016-2017 school year, grade 12 students will be required to show proof of MCV4 (Meningococcal) vaccine prior to the first day of school. If MCV4 was given prior to age of 16 years, a 2nd dose is required prior to the start of grade 12. Proof of vaccine can be in the form of a recent immunization record or a note from the Doctor / Heath department that the vaccine was given.

Click here for more information on the meningococcal vaccine.

Please give all updated immunization information to the school as soon as your child receives the vaccine.

****If your child has already received these vaccines please make sure documentation is sent in.

****If you choose not to have your child vaccinated, please print, complete and return this exemption form to your child’s school.


Please feel free to contact the school nurse with any questions or concerns:

  • CHS Health Aide: Mr. Courtney Schroeter – courtney.schroeter@cardinalschools.org; 440-632-0261 x5005
  • CMS Nurse: Mrs. Aly Harvey – alysha.makowski@cardinalschools.org; 440-632-0261 x4005
  • JES Nurse: Mrs. Marie Roake – marie.roake@cardinalschools.org; 440-632-0261 x2003