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FACT: Public School cost vs. online cost

RUMOR: If online schools are tuition free (according to their tv ads) why does it cost so much for public schools?

FACT: Their ads are slightly misleading. The cost for a child to attend their online school is tuition free for the student but not for the public school or even the community that child lives in. The public school district receives a calculated per pupil amount from the Ohio Department of Education based on the district’s appraised property value, monthly enrollment figures and a few other factors as shown on the ODE website under Administrators/Treasurer/Payment for My District/District Payment Reports/Foundation Funding Report. Currently Cardinal Local School District is receiving $2,789,015 in School Foundation monies distributed two times a month to the District. IF you divide the number of students in the District – 1,066.15 – into that figure, we receive $2,615.97 per student for annual funding from the State for this school year.

According to ODE the online community schools are receiving $6,000 per student that attends their schools. This money is deducted from the $2,789,015 received from the State as mentioned above. Currently we have 39.81 students attending an online community school, costing the District $238,860 for this school year.

  • 2.95 students attending Ohio Connections Academy
  • 1 student attending Buckeye Online School
  • 1.15 students attending Insight School of Ohio
  • 1 student attending Bio-Med
  • 7 students attending iSTEM Geauga
  • 1 student attending Westwood Prep Academy
  • 7.61 students attending Electronic Classrooms of Tomorrow
  • 17.13 students attending Ohio Virtual Academy
  • .86 students attending Treca Digital Academy
  • 1.11 students attending Alternative Education Academy

So yes, it is tuition free for the online school BUT it does cost the community and the public schools for that student’s attendance outside of the district.