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Huskie Pantry

Thank you for your interest in the Huskie Pantry Snack Pack program at Cardinal Local Schools. 37% of Cardinal scholars receive free/reduced meals at school; it is the highest rate in Geauga County.

Source: ODE

Over the years research has shown that hunger impacts classroom learning. Our goal is to provide snack packs to scholars as a means to help them not only grow, thrive, and be successful in the classroom, but also in life. Community support is essential to creating sustainable program.  Thank you for your compassion and generosity.


What Is It?

The Snack Pack program aims to provide a bag of healthy and easy to prepare snack foods to be sent home with all eligible scholars once a month.

Who Is Eligible?

All K-8 scholars. We hope to eventually expand the program to all grades, K-12.  |  APPLICATION

What Is In A Snack Pack?

Individually wrapped, non-perishable food items such as:

-Granola Bars                    -Mac n’ cheese (microwavable)

-Microwave popcorn        -Pop Tarts

-Cereal bars                        -Ramen Noodles

-Pudding cups                   -Single-serve peanut butter cups

-Rice Krispie treats          -Applesauce/fruit cups

-Raisins                              -Oatmeal packets

-Drink mix packets          -Snack crackers/cookies


How You Can Help

  1. Donating items from the snack list.
  2. Donating new, plastic grocery bags (to be used to deliver snacks.)
  3. Monthly monetary donation.
  4. One-time donation to support the program (*Companies who assist will have their name/logo featured on inserts in snack packs.)

For monetary donations, please make all checks out to: Cardinal Local School District and note Huskie Pantry in the memo line. Donations are tax deductible.

Donations can be sent to or dropped off at any district school building or the Cardinal Board of Education located at 15982 E. High Street, Middlefield.


  • Joanne Leichtman, joanne.leichtman@cardinalschools.org; 440-632-0261 x1000
  • Melissa Cardinal, melissa.cardinal@cardinalschools.org; 440-632-0261 x4017
  • Amy Seifert, amy.seifert@cardinalschools.org; 440-632-0261 x4004
  • Anne Dalby, anne.dalby@cardinalschools.org; 440-632-0261 x5004