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Military Resources

The Cardinal Local School District is a proud supporter of our Military members and their families. We are honored to employ several former military service members as part of our staff and salute our graduates who have gone on to serve.  Throughout every school year we are honored to recognize our local veterans through various Veterans Day and Military Appreciation events. Thank you all for your service!


On Tuesday, September 30, 2020, the district received a Purple Star designation from the Ohio Department of Education for our commitment to our military families. Thank you ODE for the honor, and thank you to our military members for your service!   PRESS RELEASE

Military Support Liaison for the Cardinal Local School District: Dr. Jennifer Sabol, Pupil Services Director (jennifer.sabol@cardinalschools.org)

Online Resources for Military Families:

Activities and Resources for Family Resilience (Newsletter)

ODE – Supporting Ohio’s Military Families

Financial Aid Resources (Best Colleges)

Financial Literacy for Veterans

Financial Resources and Discounts

Geauga County Veterans Services

How to Become a Military Engineer (Best Colleges)

Military Career Guide (Best Colleges)

Military Resource Center – AACAP

My Move – Military Housing

Ohio Military Kids (OMK)

Purple Star Webinars

Silent Professionals (Private Security Jobs)