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Start Talking! Drug Prevention Program

start TalkingResearch shows that when parents or other trusted adults talk to youth about the dangers of drugs, youth are up to 50% less likely to use drugs. The Ohio Department of Education launched the Start Talking! program in January 2014 to give parents, guardians, educators and community leaders the tools they needed to start those crucial conversations about the importance of living healthy, drug-free lives. Start Talking! offers several resources for schools and communities to help building youth resiliency through evidence-based programs, we’ve provided links to several of them for you here.

  • Parents360RX was developed to increase parent’s knowledge of substance abuse and improve a parent’s confidence in their ability to speak with youth about substance abuse, particularly prescription drugs.
  • Know! provides teachers, parents, grandparents and other caregivers with twice monthly, free tips that contain current facts about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as action steps they can take to help children resist peer pressure to use.
  • 5 Minutes for Life centers on uniformed officers talking for five minutes with student leaders on the topics of responsible decision-making, leadership and encouraging those in their peer group to live a drug-free lifestyle. Following the presentation students are encouraged to become an ambassador and continue spreading the drug-free message within their school.